By-Laws / Rules and Regulations

  1. Name of the Association: Goa College Librarians’ Association (GCLA)
  2. Address: C/o Librarian, G.V.M’s Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, Farmagudi – Ponda –Goa 403401
  3. Area of Operation: State of Goa
  4. Financial Year: 1st April to 31st March of every year
  5. Members, their provision, Admission and Appointment:
  6. Types of Members:
  7. Founder Member: All those Librarians of colleges in Goa who have subscribed their names to the Memorandum of Association of Goa College Librarians’ Association.
  8. Ordinary Member: All those Librarians who pay Admission Fee of Rs.100 and Membership Fee Rs.1000 per annum shall be the ordinary member of the association.
  9. Life Member: All those Librarians who pay Admission Fee of Rs.100 and Membership Fee Rs.5000 per annum shall be the ordinary member of the association.
  10. Removal of Members: Any member may be removed from membership by the Governing Body if it considers that his continuance as member is prejudicial to the interest of the Association provided that before removing a member, he shall be given notice of not less than 3 weeks and he is given an opportunity of making written representation against removal
  11. General Body Meeting and Their Rights:

a) The General Body of the Association shall be composed of both the ordinary and life members

b) The General Body Meeting shall be held once in a year.

c) The General Body shall elect managing committee of the association once in two years.

d) The General Body shall approve the financial statements and Annual Report on the presentation of the same by the managing committee.

  1. Quorum and Notice: The Quorum of the General Body meeting shall be 25 per cent of the total membership of the association. In the absence of Quorum the meeting should be adjourned for half an hour and subsequently meeting shall be conducted after half an hour with the present members. The managing committee shall issue the minimum seven days notice to convene the General Body meeting.
  2. Special General Body /Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting:

An extra-Ordinary general Body Meeting may be called by the Secretary in consultation with the President as directed by the Managing Committee, or by the requisition stating the reasons and representing 25% of the members of the Association.

  1. Managing Committee: Managing Committee shall consist of

a) President

b)Two Vice President

c) Secretary

d) Treasurer

e) Joint Secretary

f) Six members

  1. Tenure of the committee and its Election:
  • The tenure of the committee shall be of two years duration.
  • The general body of the association shall elect the Managing committee by secret ballot paper or by rising of hands.
  1. Functions of the Managing Committee/Office Bearers

(a) Powers and Duties of the President

The powers and duties of the president shall be-

  1. He/she will advise and guide office-bearers for fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Association.
  2. He/she may direct the Secretary to call an emergency meeting of the General Body to consider any matter.
  3. To preside over all meetings of the General Body and of the Executive Committee. If any, except when a motion of no-confidence against him/her is being considered.
  4. To perform all such functions as are warranted by the constitution and the By-laws framed there under.
  5. To have general control over the affairs of the Association.
  6. To act as Liaison Officer between the association on the one hand, and the Governments and other Associations on the other hand.
  7. To sign agreements or contracts on behalf of the Association in concurrence with Managing Committee decisions taken time to time.

 (b) Powers and Duties of the Vice-President

The powers and duties of the Vice-President shall be to act in place of the President during his absence or on such occasions as may be determined by the President. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President a meeting of the General Body or the Executive Committee may elect one of its own members present, as its Chairman. The Vice-President may exercise any of the powers of the President

 (c) Powers and Duties of the General Secretary

  1. Subject to the general or special directions of the Governing Body and the President, the General Secretary shall have the authority of the Association to sue and to be sued in the name of the Association.
  2. To be in charge of the office of the Association and other properties of the Association.
  3. To conduct correspondence in furtherance of the objectives of the Association. To conduct and receive the official correspondence of the Association.
  4. To convene and issue notices about Governing Body meetings and Annual meetings and other meetings and functions of the Association. To keep the members informed of the activities of the Association.
  5. To prepare the Annual Budget and to place it before the Governing Council.
  6. To receive all money (due) on behalf of the Association and to issue properly signed receipts for the same.
  7. To open current/savings account and fixed deposit account with any bank approved by the Executive Committee and to operate them in the manner prescribed by the Executive Committee.
  8. To do such other work as may be entrusted to him/her by the Association or Governing Body in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association Subject to the direction of the Executive Committee.
  9. To incur or sanction expenditure up to Rs. 5000/- at a time.
  10. To attend the meetings of General Body and the Executive Committee and to maintain the minutes of their proceedings.

(d) Powers and Duties of the Joint Secretary (2 No.s)

Joint Secretary shall:

  1. Act as PRO of the Association.
  2. Arrange/organise lectures/seminars/exhibitions and similar other activities of the Association
  3. Assist the General Secretary in the publication activities of the Association
  4. Assist the General Secretary in all his work connected with the Association
  5. Organise the records and similar such documents of the office of the Association
  6. Look after the work of the General Secretary in his absence on leave or ill-health

 (e) Powers and Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Association shall be as follows:

  1. Release the money in accordance with the rules and in accordance with the budget as directed by the General Secretary
  2. To give receipts for payments received for the association.
  3. To maintain the accounts in proper form and get the accounts audited every year, to prepare the Annual statement of Accounts and the Budget together with the Audit Report and the Annual Budget for the consideration of the Executive Committee and the General Body.
  4. To maintain and present an up-to-date statement of accounts at every meeting of the Executive/Governing Body Committee.
  5. To place the annual report of the working of the Association at the Annual Meeting of the General Body of the Association together with the audited statement of annual accounts.
  6. The annual accounts statement will be audited by a chartered accountant.